Hive Mind #3: Values, trends & Green credentials

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Mike Zeidler
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Mike Zeidler
December 21, 2021
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Hive Mind #3
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Pooling brainpower | sharing intelligence | matching resources
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Will John Lewis jingle coworking bells?

Last year, John Lewis started converting 45% of their flagship store into office space, and now they’ve launched a £1m Circular Future Fund to reduce waste. But things may get even more interesting if Jon Alexander’s proposal is adopted and they join up the two initiatives. In the spirit of his forthcoming book CITIZENS he thinks they should create makerspace for local people to repair or repurpose their things. Now that really could be a game-changer…

Huddlecraft 101 - 3 week immersive course on designing spaces for peer-led learning, support and action in 2022
Community planned Coworking -
Keeping an eye on Liskeard Cattle Market where foundations are now in for the scheme planned in a local charette process
Coworking Trends - Got 4-8 mins for
an online survey?
Help us see how coworking is responding to pandemic conditions
How to embed values in work
- a learning journey and ‘best practice’ examples from Mike Zeidler
Edit Party - Been lonely working from home? Visit the virtual coworking space for creatives - its a zoom call that started in May 2020 and has been going ever since…!
How layout affects productivity
- Bernie Mitchell interviews Will Bennis, a cultural psychologist who runs Locus Workspace in Prague
Town Sq 2021 Report - See what they learned/achieved and what they plan in 2022
Thinking Ahead? Here’s a take on the ten behaviours that generate the finest thinking from Time to Think
Green Claims Code - The Competition and Markets Authority will be prosecuting greenwash from January. The law protects ethical businesses from unfair competition - The guidelines from Ethical Business Marketing here are excellent. Worth a read!

..and of course it’s always worth a listen to the Coworking Values Podcast produced in London for our sister network, the European Coworking Assembly

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Mike Zeidler

Mike Zeidler is co-founder of the Centre for Thriving Places, The Association of Sustainability Practitioners, the Hub Bristol and the UK Coworking Assembly. He's worked in corporate responsibility, community engagement and social enterprise since 1993.
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