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Mike Zeidler
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Mike Zeidler
October 4, 2021
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We're most effective when we pool our brainpower to help each other out, share intelligence for clearer vision, and match up our resources to increase our impact. That's what we're doing here....

What’s your ambition for the future…?

This is your crowd - willing you on

The UK Coworking Assembly isn’t a normal organisation - it’s a hive mind - an intelligent, self organising network

The sparks between us are fast tracks to action - together we can turn ambitions into reality

We’re at our most effective when we pool our brainpower to make sense of sparks flying far and fast between webs (insta, youtube, ubiquity, slack, whatsapp, linkedin etc).

This exchange comes from YOU!  Feed in and feed off the energy and it will be amplified by the UK Coworking Assembly. This 'edition' was written as a personal contribution bMike Zeidlero relay some of theparks via email useful/timely connections.

Comments gratefully received:

Here are a few Hive Mind coordinates to help you get your bearings.
To add your own, write to with details

Tash Thomas - promoting diversity, equity & inclusion: Seeking and celebrating the value of difference

Mike Zeidler - inviting connection: Building the capacity and capability of our Hive Mind

Theresa Sansome - helping individuals & organisations be heart-centred and effective: Future Self Now

Gareth Thomas - inspiring action: Leading questions like ‘what if everyone could walk to work?’ and ‘What if everyone was an entrepreneur?’

Bernie Mitchell - producing podcasts: Mining the wisdom innovators and leaders in coworking

Polly Robbins - exploring collective decision making: Sharing expertise in technology, co-operativism and communication.

Rich Mills - supporting rural communities: developing great places for rural businesses to grow

Jim Garrison - educating to solve global challenges: from 3 hour nano courses to deep study macro programmes at Ubiquity University

Here’s a bit of bold leadership from the editor of Tech Crunch explaining why he’s decided to make reporting on tech that addresses the climate crisis and tech that has a positive social impact his top two priorities.

..and of course it’s always worth a visit to the Coworking Library - the open online database of coworking research run by our friends in our sister network, the European Coworking Assembly

This crowd is your crowd if you take the wellbeing of people and planet seriously, and coworking features in your work.

Between us, we run work, community and event spaces; we build them, study them, use them; and we offer apps, advice and management tools to run things well.

UK Coworking website

If you share our passion for making a living that’s good for us, good for society and good for the planet
Add your brain to our Hive Mind

Next time, I’ll include your contributions plus other interesting ‘news’ items that pop up on the radar.

Our story will evolve online here:

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Mike Zeidler

Mike Zeidler is co-founder of the Centre for Thriving Places, The Association of Sustainability Practitioners, the Hub Bristol and the UK Coworking Assembly. He's worked in corporate responsibility, community engagement and social enterprise since 1993.
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