What is the EU Coworking Assembly?

Bernie Mitchell interviews Jeannine van der Linden about the EU Coworking Assembly
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Jeannine van der Linden
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Bernie J Mitchell
Jeannine van der Linden
June 11, 2021
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Find out how independent coworking outfits are working together for the good of us all

This podcast is an interview with Jeannine Van Der Linden, the Senior Vice President of the European Coworking Assembly. It was produced by Bernie Mitchell.

Independent Coworking represents a hugely powerful network in Europe. As a collective, by any metric (square meters, total coworkers, gross revenue etc) we are bigger than IBM, Regus, WeWork, or any other megacorp organisation. Few people appreciate this because our sector doesn't speak with one voice. We're better at telling our coworkers they need to collaborate for the new economy than we are at doing it ourselves.

So the EU Coworking Assembly is here to help that happen - to improve communication between the independents in our sector so we can use our leverage to make the world better. It is a peer to peer network with the power to create positive change.

Listen to Jeannine and Bernie discussing the goals and projects run in the assembly network; how the assembly works to be the voice of the coworking industry in Europe and how it helps the coworking community be the best it can be.

Jeannine van der Linden

Founder of de Kamer, an intentional network of coworking spaces, Managing Partner of Open Coworking and Director of the European Coworking Assembly Foundation. Jeannine champions the values of Collaboration, Openness, Community, Accessibility, and Sustainability in shared workplaces.
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